FREE Products for Moms of Multiples!

Are you a mom or dad of twins, triplets, or even more babes?  Did you know there are companies out there that are willing to help out by providing free products and coupons to help you cut your costs?
Margaret, a mom of twins, has put together an amazing list of items you can get for FREE just for asking!  She made a generic letter, made multiple copies and wrote to the following companies! Here is what she received:

2 – $3off coupons for diapers and 3 – $1 off coupons for Huggies Products from

Kimberly Clark (Huggies)
PO Box 2020

Dept. QMB
Neenah, WI 54957-2020

Free bottle of ocean spray juice (a $4.99 value) from
Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc
Consumer Affairs Dept.
1 Ocean Spray Drive
Lakeville-Middleborough, MA 02349

4 FREE Jars of baby food from
Nature’s Goodness
c/o Bay Valley Foods
PO Box 763
Horsham, PA 19044-0763

2 FREE “I’m a Gerber Baby” onesies, a coupon for a free 12.9oz can of Good Start Formula (a $13.50 value) and a coupon for a free 8-3oz bottles of liquid Good Start formula (a $9.25 value) from
Start Healthy/Stay Healthy Resource Center
445 State Street
Freemont, MI 49413-0001

Enfamil/Similac – have your pediatrician’s purchasing agent contact Enfamil/Similac to verify that you have multiples, and they should send you a one time gift of free formula.  Margaret received 2 cases (12 – 12.9oz cans total) of free Enfamil ($180 value.)!

2 free products valued at up to $12.99 each from
Totally Toddler
PO Box 227215
Dallas, TX 75222-7215

2 Disney snuggle friend blankets (Pooh & Eeyore), and 2 sets of disposable sippie cups from
Learning Curve Brands
Attn: Multiple Birth Program
2021 9th Street SE
Dyersville, IA 52040

2 Boudreaux bibs and 2 samples of diaper rash ointment, dry skin ointment, body wash and lip/cheek moisturizer.
Boudreaux’s Butt Paste
c/o Blairex Laboratories
1600 Brian Drive
PO Box 2127
Columbus, IN 47202-2127

FREE box of LUVS (no maximum value!)
Proctor and Gamble Distributing, LLC
Luvs Multiple Birth Offer
PO Box 599
Cincinnati, OH 45011

You can read more about what Margaret purchased with her coupons, plus more information at her blog Double the Giggles!

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  1. Margie is awesome! An inspiration to all us twin moms!

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