What’s for Dinner?? Create a Menu Board that Works

There are so many ways to make a menu board work.  In fact, you really don’t even need anything other than a piece of paper on the refrigerator.  If you like something a little more formal, try a chalkboard, dry erase board or a crafty board like the one pictured above made from Scrapbook supplies!

What’s on your menu tonight?

We’re on vacation this week.  Last night we ate at Maggiano’s Little Italy on the Las Vegas Strip.  Yum!  I have so much left I can eat it for lunch today!

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  1. We are having Spaghetti and Cheesey Bread tonight!

  2. Oh, italian food sounds so good…
    Tonight we’re having tamales with rice and beans, shredded lettuce and pickled jalapenos.
    Sounds like you’re having a great time. That’s Awesome!

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