Giveaway: $50 Sunoco Gas Card + More Savings at the Pump

Are you taking advantage of the best gas rewards and savings programs out there today?  If not, Sunoco wants to put some cash in your wallet!

With the Sunoco Rewards credit card you can save 5¢ off every gallon, every time you fill up! Every time the Sunoco Rewards credit card is used, you receive a 5¢ per gallon statement credit for Sunoco fuel purchases. There are no minimums or maximums at the pump. You get 5¢ every day, every time!

Request an APlus Rewards card at the register.  Shop at APlus, save on Sunoco gas! Buy specially marked items at APlus convenience stores and watch the price of fuel roll back. It’s that easy with APlus Rewards!  GO HERE to see sales and specials at APlus Stores.

Looking for a gift that anyone can use? The Sunoco Gift Card is always a good option.  You can purchase one online!  It can be used for everything from getting your car repaired, to filling up your tank, to filling up your coffee cup.

Find a Sunoco station near you HERE.

Sunoco has offered one reader a $50 Sunoco Gift Card!  Use the form below to enter to win!
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  1. constitutionchic says:

    this would be so great!

  2. Keep your tires properly inflated and Combine errands.

  3. Combine errands.

  4. Use cruise control when possible.

  5. Keep your tires properly inflated.

  6. I always make sure and check tire pressure, I changed out my muffler from factory and I check my filters to make sure they aren’t dirty

  7. my tip is to do online shopping to save some gas money. sometimes even if an item is a tad more but they offer free shipping i buy online instead to save time of dragging my toddler around, and having to deal with lines, and saves me gas money! win win!

  8. Make sure you do all your errands at one time instead of going to town 2 or 3 times in a day

  9. My gas saving tip is, take your foot off the gas when others slowdown in front of you, no need to speed up to them and jam on your breaks. Of course this only works if you arent tailgating.

  10. I do all my shopping one day each week. If I need anything other days- I have my husband pick it up after work, since he is in town already

  11. Sean Bockstie says:

    I’m on E! We walk to school and home and when I have to run errands I choose one day to go do them all at one time. Otherwise, I don’t drive long distances. It would be cool to see our family 1 1/2 hours away!

  12. carpool!

  13. Use cruise control.

  14. Mark one day a week as “errand day”. Alot less running around through the week!

  15. All of the stores are near where I work (25 mi. from home), so I only do my shopping on my lunch break or after work. I made it a rule not to use gas unnecessarily on the weekends when I can wait and pick whatever it is up on Monday.

  16. Yes I try think of all the things I need to do while going a certain way-the library. the car wash etc.

  17. Make a list of the stuff you need or things you need to do; that way, you’re not going out for bread on Monday and eggs on Wednesday lol

  18. Yeah, stay home, run errands in one day.

  19. Gas is typically cheapest Wednesday mornings.

  20. My best gas saving tip is to use the Gas Buddy app to see which gas station has the cheapest gas near you!

  21. I combine the fuel perks from Bi-lo and get a $50 gas card for $40 with the $10 off coupon that Publix puts out…this is how I save on gas!!

  22. Jennifer Mc says:

    I try to run all errands on the same day.

  23. Jen Fitzpatrick says:

    Don’t keep your car running when you’re at the bus stop!

  24. Stay home-lol! Would love to win this

  25. I guess my gas saving tip would be to leave your tailgate down.

  26. gas saving tip : not driving fast and keeping tires well inflated

  27. sue gibson says:

    would love to win a gas card. thanks for the chance

  28. Shari Cloutier says:

    Using their website, I found a Sunoco station a few miles from my house, I haven’t tried them yet, would love to win!

  29. Using cruise control while on the highway.

  30. Thanks for sharing as any one of us can always use free gas as high as it is..

  31. I always try to keep my tires properly inflated! Thanks for the chance.

  32. Tough times this year, could really use the gas card!

  33. There is still a little gas left in the nozzle after pumping. Just hold down the lever on the pump so it doesn’t charge you any more.

  34. Free gas! :)

  35. Sarah Thomas says:

    Thanks for the great giveaways!!

  36. Could definitely use this gas card. Thanks for the chance.

  37. My gas saving tip is try not to drive too much above 65 MPH

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