Win a $15 Walmart Gift Card When You Take the Bible Series Quiz

Win a $15 Walmart Gift Card

From Executive Producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett comes The Bible — an epic 10-part miniseries retelling stories from the Scriptures for a whole new generation. Breathtaking in scope and scale, The Bible features powerful performances, exotic locales and dazzling visual effects that breathe spectacular life into the dramatic tales of faith and courage from Genesis through Revelation. This historic television event is sure to entertain and inspire the whole family!

Where will YOU be 3.3.13?


  • Take the bible scene quiz and leave a comment telling us how you did, for a chance to win.
  • Become a fan of Money Saving Madness on Facebook and leave a comment to let us know you did.
  • Share the giveaway using any of the share buttons below this post and leave a comment for each method.

The winner will be selected on Monday, 3.4.13.

I’m working working with the History Channel on this post.  The History Channel is supplying one winner with a $15 gift card.

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  1. Crystal G says:

    I am already a fan on facebook.

  2. Crystal G says:

    I took the quiz and got 48%

  3. Already a fan on Facebook.

  4. I took the quiz and got an 83%

  5. Shared this opportunity on Facebook.

  6. I’ve been a Facebook fan for months =)

  7. I got a 60%

  8. Susan Edsall says:

    I got 73%

  9. Laura Lenau says:

    I shared this post on Facebook

  10. Laura Lenau says:

    I’m a fan of MSM on Facebook!

  11. Laura Lenau says:

    I got a 70%!

  12. Already a fan on Facebook.

  13. I scored 59%.

  14. Danielle T says:

    i got a 52%

  15. already a fan too- thanks for the tips

  16. Patrice H. says:

    Shared in an email.

  17. Scored 46%. Interesting quiz.

  18. Patrice H. says:
  19. Patrice H. says:
  20. Patrice H. says:

    I am a fan of Money Saving Madness on Facebook.

  21. Patrice H. says:

    I scored 56%.

  22. Tracy Blake says:

    I got 64%.

  23. I got 73%

  24. Ruth Smither says:

    I’m a Facebook fan.

  25. Ruth Smither says:

    Only scored 41%

  26. I like you on facebook

  27. My score was 35%

  28. I got 60%

  29. I like you on Facebook also – Jennifer Keefer

  30. I got 50%

  31. Jessica To says:

    I like you on facebook.

  32. Jessica To says:

    I scored 70%.

  33. I’m already a facebook fan!

  34. I took the quiz and scored 73%.

  35. And I’m already a Facebook follower!

  36. I took the quiz!

  37. Jessie C. says:
  38. Jessie C. says:

    FB liker

  39. Jessie C. says:

    Got 68%

  40. I liked Money Saving Madness on Facebook as Elis Brockway

  41. I got 61%

  42. Tonda Kelly says:

    Me and my husbunny so want to watch this new series. Can’t wait. We had a 67% the first time, 85% the second time, 99% the third time. After that we did not want to out do that score. Thanks for doing a give away. We like to shop wal-mart so great gift card ideal.

  43. I like you on Facebook (Elena Istomina)

  44. I got 76%

  45. 70%. Should have been higher…

  46. Cynthia L says:

    I am a FB fan!

  47. Cynthia L says:

    I got a 41%

  48. Kayani B says:

    I got 68%. Not as good as I thought I would do. :)

  49. rebecca ferguson says:

    I am a fan/follower on FB.

  50. rebecca ferguson says:


  51. Already a FB fan :) Thanks!

  52. Not that great – only 59% :(

  53. I shared by e-mail!

  54. I already like moneysavingmadness on facebook!

  55. I scored 37%

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