What’s for Dinner?? Slow Cooker Chicken & Corn Chili!


 Slow Cooker Chicken & Corn Chili
Celery & Peanut Butter
Crackers or Bread

I have 4 appointments today between work, the kids, and my husband’s vehicle — ahhh!  when I planned our meal, I kept all of that in mind.  Slow Cooker Chicken & Corn Chili is so easy to toss into the slow cooker and walk away!  It will cook while I am gone and it will be somewhat healthy with the chicken and vegetables!

I’m using my Zaycon Chicken, which was just $1.79/lb and a few inexpensive canned items to keep this meal under the $5 mark!

What’s on your menu tonight?

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  1. We’re having corned beef tacos. iceberg lettuce is 2 for a dollar at Savemart, that’s a pretty good price for our area, so I’m seeing a few taco and enchilada nights in our near future.
    Have a great weekend :)

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