52 Week Money Saving Challenge | Save Cash this Year! {Free Printable}

Money Jar 015

You can save a bunch of cash in 2014 with this 52 Week Money Saving Challenge!  The idea is very simple.  Just save $1 more each week of the year in 2014 to save a whopping $1378.00!

Money Saving Challenge

Here’s how:

  1. Print the 52 Week Money Saving Challenge Worksheet above (click it, then “control” “P”)
  2. Affix the chart to your jar, envelope or box
  3. For the first week, place $1 into your envelope, jar, or box and check off your deposit
  4. Each week, add the amount indicated

At the end of the year, you’ll have $1378.00 saved!  This is a great way to challenge yourself to save money in 2014!  I just got started and you can too!

You can even save a little extra in the beginning to offset what you need in the end.  I plan to use much of my “found” money for the jar.  And I’m even more motivated to clean my house and sell some of the things we no longer use.  That money will go right into the jar!

If you would rather customize your money saving challenge to save more or less than $1378.00, I’ve included a blank chart.

Blank52Week Money Saving Challenge

Are you ready to save in 2014?  Start today and we’ll save together!  Thanks a bunch to my good friend Andrea for motivating me to do this!

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