Beginners Guide

The main goal of couponing and deal shopping is to find great sales and pair them with coupons to get the absolute rock bottom prices.  Once you have found that awesome deal, it is time to stockpile. The best way to know the best price is watch prices in your area for a year.  In the meantime, use your coupons and buy what you need.  And take advantage of the deals that are FREE.

Stockpiling is the art of stocking up ahead in mega quantities while the price is hot.  For example, each year CVS has a toilet paper sale where I have been able to get large quantities free or very cheap.  For me, toilet paper deals don’t come often so I stockpile at that one sale for the entire year!

You have already completed the first step to deal finding by stopping by this website!  Here are a few more tips to get you started:

  • Purchase at least ONE Sunday Paper each week and save your inserts.  As you become more savvy in finding deals, you can begin buying more papers.
  • Choose one store to focus on for the first month or two.  Personally,  I like CVS for beginners.
  • Become familiar with store coupon policies.
  • Start by shopping frequently, using coupons with small orders.
  • AS you become more confident in your skills, add more stores and bigger transactions.

I am happy to answer your questions!  Please feel free to leave your questions and comments under each post or email me at moneysavingmadness (at) yahoo (dot) com.

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