Welcome!  I’m Michelle, wife and mom to a busy family of five. Understanding how to save money is a must in these changing times.  I strive to find new and creative ways to help others save so they can do more of what they love.

As a private school teacher, my first teaching position paid well under the poverty level for the full year. I learned very quickly how to budget my money to pay for rent, utilities, and groceries,  and even saved money!

When my daughter was born, I decided to give up my teaching career and focus on being a mom.  Three kids later I found out how far our money could stretch by using smart shopping strategies!  These savings tips caught on quickly with my friends!

I have always been conscious of saving money.  I grew up in a household where both of my parents were smart about saving and spending.  My parents taught me from the beginning to buy only the things I needed and had the cash to pay for.  My biggest challenge was getting my husband on-board!

Thanks to my smart shopping, my family’s savings at the grocery store has easily topped $7,000 per year and our frugal ways have carried over in to other areas of our lives!  We’ve used these savings to take some wonderful family vacations that we normally could not afford.

I love sharing my deals with friends and teaching others how to live better by spending less.  Will you join me?

Contact Me @ moneysavingmadness@yahoo.com

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